Weekly Market Action:


Dec21 Corn -12 @ 5.30

March22 Corn @ 5.3925

Dec22 Corn -2 @ 5.2450

Nov21 Beans -14 @ 12.4250

Jan22 Beans @ 12.53

Nov 22 Beans @ 12.48

Dec21 Fats @ 130.175

Nov21 Feeders @ 161.000


WASDE report on Tuesday, October 12th coming up. Reviewing two companies who spend a lot of time predicting carry outs vs USDA Sept 10 report, there are large differences in opinions. Debate continues over yield and export numbers and the effect that will have on ending stocks for corn and soybeans.


Corn: Agresource has the lowest carryout at 950 million bushels, which is a very bullish number. RJO’s carryout is at 1.735 million, with a 5bpa higher yield and 300 million bushels lower in exports. The RJO carryout is closer to the last 5 years, while Agresource would be the tightest since 2012. Notable yield estimates from Barchart are 182.3bpa and StoneX at 176.6bpa.


Soybeans: USDA has the tightest carryout at 185 million bushels with the highest export number and in line with the lowest yield. RJO comes in at 385-million-bushel carryout with 52bpa yield estimate. If the RJO number is realized it would be the largest since the 19/20 marketing year (525 million bushel). Notable yield estimates there from Barchart and StoneX are at 51.3bpa.


Take away: To see a spread this wide is rare. Nobody really knows where this yield will end up and more importantly where exports land. If you are at all uncertain with where you sit and want to walk through that, let’s communicate that Monday. Be watching for your GrainBridge report that are sent out every Friday evening. 


BPA 178 176.3 173 BPA 52 50.6 50.5
EXPORTS 2400 2475 2700 EXPORTS 2070 2090 2000
ENDING STX 1735 1408 950 ENDING STX 385 185 300


CBT Brokers estimate that the managed money has sold 3,000 contracts of wheat and bought 2,500 contracts of corn and 3,200 contracts of soybeans. In soy products, funds have bought 1,400 contracts of soy oil and 3,000 soymeal.


November Crude Oil futures have rallied above $80/barrel. With winter around the corner, energy values show no sign of slowing. Next upside price target is $84-$86.


48-hour forecast is dry across the Plains with showers starting to break out across the N Plains and W Midwest on Sunday. An above normal temp pattern is forecasted with highs in the 70/80s.


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