As rates start releasing for crop insurance, we want to bring you a few key items to think about going into this sales closing season.

1) Beginning Farmer Rancher (commonly seen as BFR) has great benefits if you qualify: extra subsidy, fees waived, and a few more!

2) Make sure that your agent is applying New Producer to crops where you meet the criteria. This could change your APHs drastically.

3) Be aware of what your county T-Yield is.

4) Inform your agent of any changes to your operation, like adding land or change in ownership. These types of discussions are important when going through the crop year.

5) Turning in your 2020 production is beneficial for both you and your agent. For example, seeing your updated APH helps achieve more accurate quotes.

6) Ask questions! With the ever-evolving crop insurance industry, it’s crucial to stay on top of what changes year to year

-Makenzie Wilson