We have been getting a lot of questions about fertilizer prices for the upcoming crop year. The charts below from Josh Linvville (@JLinvilleFert on Twitter) show it is historically rare for most fertilizers to get dramatically cheaper as we get closer to spring. The major outlier was Fall 2008/Spring 2009 as the world was dealing with The Great Recession. Oil went from $150/barrel to $30 and corn went from $8 to $3.

 So if you are purchasing inputs it may be a wise idea so offset some increment of risk with new crop corn hedges/sales.

Our customers trust us to market their grain.

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Matthew Grosshans

Matthew is a corn and soybean farmer from Aurora, Nebraska. Check out his video to learn more about his relationship with Tredas!

Nate Oehlrich

Nate started out with just a few acres of ground and has worked to build his farm for decades. For him, the growth was easy, but the marketing? Not so much. Nate loves the options his Tredas Consultant, Zane Abner provides.

Gary Robison

Gary farms corn and soybeans when he’s not feeding cattle near Bertrand, NE. He goes into detail about what sets Tredas apart from other companies.

Rob Ita

Rob has a long history of working with corn, soybeans & cattle. He loves the hands-off approach of partnering with Tredas and how the Team keeps him motivated to keep making sales.