Monday Recap




Dec 21 up 3 @ 5.45

Dec 22 up 4 @ 5.35



Nov 21 down 5 @ 12.40

Nov 22 unch’d @ 12.40



Dec 21 up 2 @ 7.57

July 22 up 5 @ 7.46


Just a heads up, not a recommendation to sell, but just so everyone is aware while we’re in harvest, December 2022 corn has rallied 30c in the past week and is sitting at 5.35 (Sep @ 5.41 for my southern clients). I think we’re all on the same page of margins being squeezed next year with higher input costs so if you’re interested in selling some 2022 corn at these price levels there definitely should be an effort to lock in some 2022 inputs as well.

 Nov 22 beans are sitting at 12.40 which ironically is exactly where Nov 21 has dropped to over the past 3 weeks.

 July 22 wheat hit 7.50 today and has settled back to 7.46 at this time. For guys in the south doing wheat and double cropping beans this is a great opportunity here to lock both wheat and beans at very solid margins if you haven’t already been doing some.













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Matthew Grosshans

Matthew is a corn and soybean farmer from Aurora, Nebraska. Check out his video to learn more about his relationship with Tredas!

Nate Oehlrich

Nate started out with just a few acres of ground and has worked to build his farm for decades. For him, the growth was easy, but the marketing? Not so much. Nate loves the options his Tredas Consultant, Zane Abner provides.

Gary Robison

Gary farms corn and soybeans when he’s not feeding cattle near Bertrand, NE. He goes into detail about what sets Tredas apart from other companies.

Rob Ita

Rob has a long history of working with corn, soybeans & cattle. He loves the hands-off approach of partnering with Tredas and how the Team keeps him motivated to keep making sales.