Harvest will be wrapping up over the next month and production numbers will begin forming. Our ideal process is insured fills out production report based on their records (yield monitor, scale tickets, settlement sheets) and send to Tredas. Tredas will verify: 1. We have necessary claims turned in OR 2. That we need claims turned in based off submitted production numbers OR 3. If production exceeds guarantees resulting in no claim payment.

  • If no claim payments are projected/due, production will be keyed as reported, claims will be withdrawn, and the crop ins year will be closed out for the insured.
  • If claim payments are projected/due, claims will be submitted (if not already done), and adjuster will reach out to insured to verify bushels reported via approved methods.

Attached below is a flow chart of the above for easier reading. Also attached below is a document that lists approved methods and what each of them entails.

Accuracy of records is paramount as we are required to operate within a 3% tolerance.