Acceptable Production Records Reminders

With potential hail and dryland losses that kick into multiperil loss scenarios having adequate records to prove production is of the utmost importance to make sure no-one is kicked out of losses.  Attached is CRS’s review, calibration report, and our highlights below.

 Acceptable production records besides appraisals –

  1. Settlement Sheets from harvest delivered grain. Must include:


-Name sold in that matches insurance policy

-Gross weight


-Load number

-Crop insurance unit number/id applied to. 

If using grain cart scale tickets same information will need to be provided and cart is to be calibrated to company specs.  The tickets must be printable. Commingled grain in the same load does not work! i.e.: If you fill your semi half full and then move across the road to a new farm to fill a truck, that load will not be able to be split! 

  1. Farm stored production – can use grain cart scales, combine monitors, bin measurements. If using bin measurements, a mark in permanent marker with field id/unit number, date, and initial is needed. 
  2. Precision Farming – in lieu of settlement sheets or bin measurements GPS technology integrated with planter monitors, combine monitor, yield mapping software that meets the requirements for acceptable harvested production can be used. You will have to produce printable summary sheets per unit.  This would include the ability to show Irr/NI units separated by acres and production.  Will also need to provide attached calibration report showing records and achievement of getting within the 3% threshold of actual.  In the event of working a loss, the adjuster deems the actual production is more than 3% off, the producer will have to provide the next acceptable records. 

In summary, if you want to use precision farming records please read attached CRS review and still be ready to back that up with the next acceptable production records which would be scale tickets, printable grain cart tickets, bin markings/measurements. 















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