we believe there is a better way to market your grain.

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Our goal as an unbiased, educated and experienced consultant is to keep you in a risk-managed position while having as much flexibility as possible to capitalize on any opportunity that may arise in your respective cash markets.


We’ve spent years working in the commercial grain trade.  Now we’re dedicated to putting those same, great practices to work for you on a single-farm scale. 

Crop insurance

We provide comprehensive crop insurance that fits your needs and compliments your overall risk management plan coupled with the service level you deserve.

We'd Love to Learn More About Your farm.


Working in the Ag industry has taught us about the importance of being transparent, so we wanted to answer a few questions you might have right off the bat.

Why do I need someone to market my grain?

It’s simple really. You outsource your accounting to an accountant and your agronomy to an agronomist. What do all of these have in common?  Specialization. Each individual became a professional in their field in order to serve others while doing something they love every single day.

We believe it’s beneficial to your operation to have an outside perspective to remove emotion from your marketing approach..

What sets Tredas apart from other companies?

We focus 100% of our energy on making the best decisions for your farm. Each consultant at Tredas is a trusted professional with business and grain merchandising experience.  Your marketing plan is developed with your current situation, goals and logistical abilites in mind.

Our diverse backgrounds and multiple years of experience created a culture where we can hold each other accountable when it matters, but yet have fun and be ourselves in and outside of the office.

Can Tredas help me hedge my livestock?
You bet! We have personal business experience feeding and hedging cattle. We have skin in the game.
How long has Tredas been in business?
Tredas has been in business since 2014. With a combined experience of 100 years, we bring considerable experience to your operation.
Will Tredas make cash sales on my behalf?

Yes! Your cash sale is driven mainly by merchandising economics and the logistical abilities of your farm. Our decision making process is based on a combination of the two and has proven to be a successful strategy year after year.

What if I don't want to be on the board of trade?
It is important to remain an independent seller of grain. We have a variety of tools to help protect your prices and farm revenue.

“All the guys at Tredas have previous experience in the cash marketing world. They help us with the basis setting, the transportation and the delivery of the actual crop.”

Gary Robison | Bertrand, NE

“Tredas has helped me a lot with time management and taking the stress out of my day-to-day schedule and trying to keep up with the daily markets.” Matthew Grosshans | Aurora, NE

*Testimonial is not indicative of future success.*